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We combine products with professional services to form solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. Designed, implemented and managed by us, these solutions protect your IT infrastructure and data over time. They provide peace of mind that everything is being done to fulfil your legal and regulatory obligations – and protect the long-term interests of your organization and its stakeholders and shareholders.

We provide products from today’s leading technology companies and were awarded Security Platinum Partner status (the highest level possible) by Intel in November 2016, but we’re much more than a reseller or third-party vendor.

We’re a full-service cybersecurity company, focused on creating value for our clients.

Our partnership approach means we only recommend software and security tools that are tailored to your organization and centred on its objectives.

It also means our experts ensure these products continue to reflect your risk profile and serve your purposes: because we understand your organization, we understand your security needs.

WHY do I need cybersecurity ‘solutions’?

The simple answer is that only a combination of products and services builds cyber resilience. Quick fixes based on products that do the job ‘for now’ can increase risks.

IT security requires active and continuous management – and needs to adapt to changes in the risk landscape and the needs of organizations.

We don’t believe real security comes from a suite of tools bought ‘off the shelf’. Instead, we think it’s custom-made – through dynamic solutions that include consultancy and advisory services.

Our solutions mean access to scarce and expensive resources as well as proprietary products. They’re an investment in the future – and the returns include reductions in liabilities and long-term costs.

WHEN do I need them?

This varies by solution and by organization. Like fingerprints, no two digital ‘footprints’ are exactly the same. However, while some security checks and assessments only need to be carried out annually, it is likely that you will need at least part of one of our solutions on an ongoing basis.

Cybersecurity is a full-time need for you – and a full-time job for us.

WHAT solutions does Cognosec offer?

We’re a full-service company, and this means that we not only provide both products and professional services but also that we cover all aspects of cybersecurity – the ‘full package’.

Continuous Assurance

Managed Cloud Security

Managed Data Protection & Encryption

Managed Database Security

Managed Email Security

Managed Endpoint Security

Managed Forensics & Analytics

Managed Network Security

Managed PCI

Managed Server Security

Managed SIEM

Managed Web Security