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Next Gen Intrusion Detection & Protection System (IDS / IPS)

Detect and Prevent Advanced Targeted Attacks




  • Always-On Full-Packet Capture
  • Whitelisted Executables
  • Endpoint Lock-Down/Quarantine
  • Automatic Signature-based Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • IP Range Blocking (Geo-location blacklisting)
  • Whitelisting, Blacklisting and Custom Rules
  • Zero Network Latency
  • Decrypted SSL Traffic Analysis


Detect and Prevent Advanced Targeted Attacks

Mid-sized organizations now represent 54%(1) of all cybersecurity breaches and what’s troubling is that you might not even be aware that you’re a prime target. These attacks are becoming more sophisticated and much harder to detect. Yet traditional cybersecurity technologies haven’t evolved at the same pace and as a result, fail to effectively protect you from today’s sophisticated attacks.

Now more than ever, your organization needs protection against more than just signature-based attacks. It needs holistic protection that’s also capable of defending against zero-day targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats (APTs). Network Interceptor protects against both known and unknown threats.

At the core of the Managed Detection and Response™ service is Network Interceptor, a next-gen IDS/IPS designed for mid-sized enterprise. It fuses robust threat intel to deliver real-time signature-based threat detection and prevention, while introducing the unique ability to identify unknown cyber threats through behaviour-based anomaly detection and attack pattern analysis.

With always-on full traffic capture, our team of highly skilled threat analysts get the full picture they need to hunt, investigate, identify and escalate unique threats in real-time, always. Completely customizable to your specific business context and policies, Network Interceptor is redefining cyber protection for mid-sized organizations in the face of today’s constantly evolving cyber threat landscape.



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