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7 good reasons


We have extensive experience across a wide-range of industries. We have conducted penetration tests that have helped customers identify entry points into online banking systems, telecom networks and other large-scale IT infrastructure.


We apply the breadth of the knowledge we’ve gained through our experience to our clients’ specific circumstances and applications.


We take a ‘holistic’ approach to social engineering risks, perform a variety of tests – and help to educate employees.


We help monitor the work of the IT department and check the ‘currency’ of information security management systems through detailed analysis of vulnerability scans.


We benchmark systems and processes against recognised industry standards and best practice to provide a full IS audit.


We understand the real-world threats and vulnerabilities that exist in technology and architecture and can help defend ICS against current and emerging cyber threats. We assess against well-known industry standards and guidance for securing ICS – for example, NIST SP 800-82.


More than all this… We take a ‘bespoke’ approach, tailoring our services to help our clients make the right decisions and the right investments. Our experts have experience as both providers and clients – they understand what it’s like to be on the customer’s side of the fence, and the need to balance (often competing) spending priorities.