About Us

We are /a team/

Cognosec is a NASDAQ-listed company, headquartered in Sweden, with subsidiaries in the UK, Austria, Germany, UAE, Kenya and South Africa. Our purpose is to help companies comply with international, regional and local laws, and become cyber resilient. We provide solutions that protect organizations and help them withstand significant cyber attacks.

We are /a team/

Our Objectives

Our purpose is to help you comply with international, regional and local laws and regulations, and to become cyber resilient.

We provide solutions that enable our clients to protect themselves against threats and withstand significant cyber attacks.

Cyber resilience is our business.

Our Vision - What we want to achieve

“To be a global leader in cybersecurity, bringing stability and peace of mind to our customers, in times of rapid and disruptive change.”

Our Mission – How we’ll achieve it

“We will implement tools and use our own knowledge in ways that simplify the complexity of our clients’ compliance, audit, risk and security requirements, producing effective organizational and technological solutions that, tailored to their specific needs, help them develop cyber resilience.”

Our Values – What guides and defines us

We are a community of people committed to best practice and business ethics and to serving the interests of our clients and their shareholders and stakeholders.

Focused on value rather than volume, we put quality and customer service first.

We pioneer solutions that help secure not only the data and networks of our clients but also the long-term future of their organizations.

We communicate with our clients and distil information and analyses in ways that are meaningful to them: we don’t hide behind jargon or blind them with ‘science’.

Through a virtuous circle of learning and knowledge sharing, we develop the insight and understanding that really make a difference to organizations.

Our business is based on:

Partnership and collaboration – working closely with our clients and each other to create value.

Honesty and integrity – recommending only those solutions we believe right for our clients.

Good governance and standards – respecting the spirit as well as the letter of regulation
and the law.

Quality and value – providing personalized service at the fairest possible price.

Research and innovation – making investments that safeguard our future and our clients’ future.

Education and continuous learning – acquiring and sharing knowledge for the good of our clients and our industry.

Agility and enterprise – responding quickly to new and emerging threats and opportunities.

Cognosec in a Nutshell


specialist products and services that help organizations reduce cyber risks and become resilient to attacks


risks across the three core organizational dimensions of technology, processes and people, and across the supply chain


solutions that protect critical IT infrastructure and data assets


across the public and private sectors in Europe, the Middle East and Africa


a NASDAQ-listed, agile EMEA company, capable of responding quickly to rapid changes in the risk landscape


For investor related information, please go to Cognosec.se.