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‘Cognosec is a part of CYBER 1, is a NASDAQ-listed company, with its operating head office in London, with subsidiaries in the UK, Austria, Germany, UAE, Kenya and South Africa. Our purpose is to help companies comply with international, regional and local laws, and become cyber resilient. We provide solutions that protect organizations and help them withstand significant cyber attacks.

safeguarding corporate assets and shareholders interest

Cognosec provides management consultancy and professional services and solutions to enable you to safeguard your assets, respond to compliance requirements, manage change, communicate and reduce inherent risks.

We offer information security, governance, enterprise risk management, compliance, and assurance services to clients. Our solutions are based on domain knowledge in banking, payment processing, communications, online gaming and e-commerce industries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the United States.

Cognosec adds value through the deployment of services that fit the corporate risk appetite and budget of its clients. All Cognosec work is led by a multi-lingual, multi-disciplinary group of experienced professionals.

Cognosec delivers services and solutions to meet client requirements through in-house service deployment methods. These methods enable clients to realise the benefits of the service or solution to be delivered and to control the associated risk.