Vendor Risk Manager (GRC)

Vendor Risk Manager (GRC)

The Vendor Risk Manager enables organizations to adopt a comprehensive approach to vendor risk that completely addresses their risk and compliance demands.




  • Rate and classify vendors using simple classification assessment
  • Dynamically assign applicable controls based on vendor classification
  • Automatically generate assessment questionnaire based on applicable controls
  • Enforce different assessment requirements and frequencies by vendor criticality
  • Delegate administration of vendor survey responders to vendor key contacts
  • Enable ad-hoc delegation of assessment questions and streamline aggregation of responses
  • Reduce vendor training and support requirements with intuitive web based assessment interface
  • Measure and report compliance by vendor criticality, by region, or by business unit
  • Provide a single repository for all vendor compliance and risk related documents, including policy and control, evidence and supporting document, exceptions and approvals, contracts and service agreements
  • Collaborate with vendors on remediation of identified gaps and monitor resolution status


The RiskVision Vendor Risk Manager provides the scalability and flexibility to create a repeatable and sustainable vendor risk and compliance management program. Built on the RiskVision integrated Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) platform, RiskVision,

Vendor Risk Manager enables organizations to adopt a comprehensive approach to vendor risk that completely addresses their risk and compliance demands. With RiskVision, organizations can quickly measure current vendor risk against any standard, regulation or corporate policy, identify gaps, track remediation eorts, and confidently report on compliance. RiskVision Vendor Risk Manager dramatically reduces the time and cost associated with managing vendor risk programs while improving the ability to accurately calculate risk exposure and properly manage risks within acceptable tolerance levels. By centralizing data, automating manual activities and enabling continuous processes, companies can consistently apply controls, gain better visibility into vendor related risk, make more informed decisions, and demonstrate vendor compliance in real-time.


RiskVision Risk Manager is easy to use, deploy, and maintain so that organizations can quickly realize time to value. RiskVision enables a proactive and intelligent approach to vendor risk management by centrally managing vendor information, controls, risk, to easily map their existing vendor assessment processes. Once controls are tested, and view of vendor risk across the organization.

Centralization of data allows organizations to maintain a holistic view of their vendor risk assessment programs. RiskVision Vendor Risk Manager provides a central repository for all vendor contact details, contracts, risk, and compliance related information. Frameworks, controls, risk, evidence, and results are stored on a single searchable platform to provide current and up-to-date vendor information to company stakeholders.


Vendor Risk Manager

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