Email Security

Email Security




– Real-time Anti-malware Scanning

– Incorporate multiple layers of scanning such as online threat detection, reputation and heuristics to block viruses in email attachments. Anti-spam Filtering

– Real-time anti-spam and anti-phishing protection for inbound and outbound email removes spam, potentially harmful emails, time wasting messages and bogus messages. Outbound Protection

– In the event of a spam outbreak on your network, CensorNet Email Security can protect outbound email volumes to help contain the problem. Safe and Deny Lists

– Create company-wide or personal (per user) Safe & Deny lists. Rules Engine

– Numerous conditional triggers are available to control email delivery. Messages can be filtered based on size, keywords, spam score, time, source, destination, attachments and more. Dictionary Filtering

– Create an unlimited number of “dictionaries” which may contain text strings such as email addresses or keywords and be used as part of the rules engine to trigger actions. Transport Layer Security (TLS).


CensorNet’s Email Security is a cloud based solution which provides the tools you need to keep your organization safe from email threats. It protects inbound and outbound emails by using multi-layered security combined with a sophisticated intuitive rules engine, which includes a mechanism to defeat threats like ransomware so enabling your organization to continue working, safe in the knowledge that all email activity is secure.


Better protected 24×7

Multi-layered security

Complex rules. Made easy.

No hardware. No software.

When email goes down, work goes on.

Quick and Easy Deployment – Redirect domain MX records to CensorNet Email Security cloud. CensorNet Email Security will then forward clean messages to the local email server.



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