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Endpoint Protection

Identify and stop targeted attacks just as they are beginning.




  • Detect attacks other solutions miss.
  • Identify and stop targeted attacks just as they are beginning.
  • Correlate seemingly unrelated network activity and behavior.
  • Reduce time to detect and resolve incidents.
  • Discover unmanaged devices on your network.


Accelerate Triage and Validate Suspected Incidents

Automatically harvest rich system information from endpoints and correlate it against threat reputation services, advanced threat detectors and threat intelligence to confirm when endpoints are compromised.

Automate Incident Response Workflows

Easily create and customize response workflows specific to the organization. Automatically kick off remediation or perform forensic analysis by defining trigger rules and actions with the alert response workflow engine.

Eliminate Blind Spots

Identify and validate threats on your endpoints anywhere in your environment – on or off your network.

Respond Immediately

Integrate with SIEMs, next-generation firewalls and alerting tools to accelerate your response and trace alerts to compromised endpoints.

Identify Compromised Endpoints

Automatically sweep all endpoints for signs of the compromise once an Indicator of Compromise (IOC) has been validated.

Proactively Hunt for Threats

Apply network- or host-based intelligence in any format, to rapidly identify compromised endpoints and automatically take action.

Know What Happened Using Playback

Protect your systems by recording key events (e.g. files accessed, running processes, registry changes, and network and DNS activity) and receiving a detailed timeline related to a suspected incident along with prioritized alerts.

Stop Data Theft and Remediate Endpoints

Halt data exfiltration and lateral movement by isolating endpoints, halting processes, wiping files, and kicking off a script to initiate an anti-virus scan.


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