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Cybersecurity Awareness Training




  • Award-winning Popcorn content is guaranteed to amuse, engage and be remembered
  • Single-sign-on with Microsoft Azure means no more forgotten passwords
  • Cloud platform works on any device, and any network. No infrastructure required
  • Course content and scope can be customised per user or department


A picture is worth a thousand words and we believe a good story is worth a thousand training sessions. We create stories that apply key learning points to the working environment; they explain potential threats, as well as how and why policies need to be complied with and what the expected behaviour should be. Key messages in our stories are based on industry best practice and include elements of security frameworks such as ISO 27001, industry standards such as PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and regulations such as Privacy laws (PPI).


Cloud requires no real infrastructure other than connectivity and no vimeo blocking on devices accessing the site


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