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About Cognosec

Cognosec GmbH is one of the few IT Security companies in Europe to be a certified QSA and ASV. Based in Vienna, Austria, and engaged worldwide, Cognosec operates in a multitude of industries including: banking, finance, government, health- care, retail, manufacturing and hospitality. Our extensive experience in security, governance, risk, and compliance services allows us to offer the best in payment, communications, network, and e-commerce

Our Experience

Our highly 
staff has decades of experience in IT security. Having worked
 directly with 
the major card
brands, acquirers, merchants, and payment service providers in the industry, the Cognosec team fully understands the kind of pressure our clients go through in order to reach their governance, risk, compliance, and IT security objectives. Cognosec has established its reputation by fulfilling even the most demanding service level agreements, and by fully addressing our clients security concerns we allow for our clients’ businesses to run smoothly and efficiently.


We aim to provide the best professional compliance, audit, risk and security services to the online gaming, payment, communications, and e-commerce industry. By implementing our tools and knowledge, we aspire to help simplify the complexity of our clients’ compliance, audit, risk, and security requirements; producing effective organizational and technological solutions.